We are Terrence, Thomas and Brian. Coming from a varied background of Fashion, Street, Product and Food Photography as well as Graphic and Multimedia Design, we each have our own approach to Photography, covering all aspects of photography for you.



Memento Inc. specialises in Wedding and Portrait Photography, and we also offer Family and Event Photography.



We are based in Melbourne, Australia.



Whether you are looking for classic and timeless photos with the veil flying in the wind or a scenic beach setting on your Wedding Day, or candid photos of Mum shedding a tear and the kids giggling, Memento Inc. has you covered. We are fully committed to capturing all these moments for you to treasure.
Our multimedia experience ensures your photos deliver maximum impact, whether hanging on your wall, in a photo album, on your TV screen and even on family and friends over the internet.
We are upfront about our costs. All our services include a DVD of all photos taken, in high quality, ready for printing.
All our Wedding packages also include a Pre-Wedding photoshoot, as we believe it’s critical to “break the ice”, so that we can learn to work to your preferences and most importantly, that you’re comfortable on your Wedding Day. We also always have 2 photographers, with one of us staying with you and the other will either assist in setting up shots, or cover a different angle and your bridal party and guests.
This way, we capture every moment of your day and make it possible to share it with all your loved ones afterwards.